5V 12mm RGB LED pixel without IC flexible string pixels 50pcs/string 0.3W DC5V IP67 Outdoor LED advertising signs

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5V 12mm RGB LED pixel without IC flexible string pixels 50pcs/string 0.3W DC5V IP67 Outdoor LED advertising signs




Product Name 12mm RGB led pixel without IC
Product Size 12m diameter
Hole size 12mm diameter.
Voltage DC 5V
Power 0.3W
Working Currency 20mA
Bean Angle 180°
Material PVC
IP Rate IP68
Working temperature -45℃~+70℃
Warranty Three Years
Package 50pcs/string, 1000pcs/pcakge, 6000pcs/cuton
Emitting Color Red, Yellow,Blue,Green,White,Voilet, RGB,Fullcolor.
Application This led pixel light is widely used for all kinds of advertising letters,Name board, Wire bar,wall,building and stage decoration.







1.Produce with Taiwan chip. high lumen, good color purity, lower light dissipation and long lifespan.


2.Compared with traditional lights, LED light has the advantage of energy saving, environment friendly, long lifespan, Stable well, install conveniently, ect.


3.Monocolour achieve the effect of advertising signs keeping lighting state, fullcolor string suitable for advertising sign whose color is changed always, It makes outdoor advertising signs board produced easily and beautiful appearance.


4.Suitable for different material board like Aluminum substrate , stainless steel plate,ect. install conveniently.


5.Every piece is connected with series method, If one is down, Just need to exchang the break one. Much different from the kind that need to exchanged the whole roll sting if there is only 1 pcs gone down.


6.flexiable enough for installation, high strength, High and low temperature resistance,anti ultraviolet, aging-resistant, Waterproof IP68.




Driver select and installation:


1.Total load power of the driver should not be over than 80% of the driver rated power.

For example: Driver output:DC5V,40A, Rated power is 200W. the load power should not be over

Than 200*80%=160W. If every pcs light is 0.1W, Then the quantity should not be over than



2.If there is more than one driver, Pls make sure that there is no reture circuit.Otherwise the drivers

Will be burn out.


3.Connect ways: When connect the string with driver, pls keep the beging and the end contacted with the main wire . and main wire must be 2.5 mm2 .

Pls check the picture as below:



RGB led controller and Amplifier are needed for RGB LED pixel light.






Application pictures: 


LED pixel light are also customized. Pls tell me what you need, and we can design that for you. But make sure , the deliver time maybe longer.



  • Products packaged well should be storaged in dry environment and lower than 60%RH humidity. When it is rainly, pls keep the warehouse dry.


  • If packed goods are kept over than 1 month, it is suggested to take out to do aging test for 2 hours and then pack up again.



    Full support for all the dealers and agents. 
    Dongguan MJ photoelectric co.Ltd will give all the dealers and agents domestic & aborad full service and support on market extending and project operation. Service and support as below:


    • To help to dominate the market, We will devolop the strategy together with our customers and agents to make sure maket,sales,design,produce are finished well.


    • Building exhibition hall together with customers and agents.


    • Make warehouse of spare parts with customers and agents to confirm the service gave fastly and effectively.

    • Support customize to help dealers and agents satisfy their customers well.


    • Regular training; improve the market developping and after-sales files to help customers and agents manage systematically.

    • Support professional technical service on pre-sale,in-sale and after-sale.


    After-sales Service:

    Our professional after-sales technical service team and good after-sales service net all around the country make sure customers no troubles at all on after-sales service.

    • 1year warranty, life-long maintenance. Answer will be replied in 24hours.

    • Technican will solve the problem on site.

    • Give product upgrade solution to improve plane.

    • We will give phone call interviews every month during warranty period





    1.Pls confirm the dirver is DC5V output.


    2.The wire connected with driver shouldn’t be less than 2.5 mm2,If the quantity is big,the wire should be more thicker.


    3.Pls make sure of the positive and negative of the string, usually the negative is white.


    4.Pls hold the middle of the sting with moderate strength and keep it from being damaged.


    Common faults and troubleshooting:

    1.the whole sting can’t be light up.

    Resolve way:Inspect whether the string and driver main wire polar connected right or not.


    2.One pcs light can’t be light up or not bright enough.

    Resolve way:The light is break ,and exchange it with the good ones


    3.The brightness and color of of the whole sting is not the same ,It caused by the led voltage is not enough.

    Resolve way:Exchange the main wire to 2.5mm2 wire.



    If you have more questions, Pls contact with me:
    Contact : Alice Wang




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